Steel Belt Cooler


Single-cooler horizontal are ideal for cooling low-viscosity materials. The conveyor shown here uses an "overflow feeder." The product flows over a horizontal gate, creating a sheet with a uniform thickness and width in the shape of the belt.

Typical applications: Rubber sheets, phenol resins, polyester, epoxy resins, pitch, candy, agar

Double-cooler Horizontal

This conveyor, which is suited to cooling materials with medium viscosity, comes in a wide range of models for applications with a variety of resins. Some materials, when cooled very quickly, tend to warp and peel away from the belt surface. This method is ideal for cooling large volumes of such materials in a short period of time.

Typical applications: Rubber sheets, phenol resins, polyester, epoxy resins, pitch, and sheet forming for food product packaging (jam, etc.)

Inclined Double-cooler

This is a cooling conveyor designed for medium to high viscosity materials. It is extremely compact, and offers outstanding ease of operability and low maintenance.
This model, which represents the most common type of cooler for chemical materials, is particularly well suited to situations where the height of the product removal area is limited. Wheels can also be attached to the cooler unit for greater mobility.

Typical applications: Powdered paints, toner

Drum Press Double-cooler

The Drum Press Double Cooler, a flaker that cools molten resins with medium to high viscosity, was developed to replace conventional double coolers with press rollers. By adopting a drum press, we have eliminated the problems that used to occur during the material rolling process. This is a highly efficient cooler which ensures extremely consistent cooling throughout the materials.

Typical applications: Powdered paints, toner

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