Steel Belt Conveyor for Chemical

Features of the Belt Cooler

1. Uniform product thickness and removal shape with consistent cooling, to enable ease of quality management.
2. Efficient cooling with unlimited belt lengths, for outstanding processing capabilities with a single unit.
3. Unmanned operations allow continuous production while minimizing labor.
4. Low running costs and simple configuration enable ease of maintenance and management.
5. Various products can be handled by one cooler, making it easy to change production plans and minimize capital investments.

Following are some of the materials that can be cooled using the Steel Belt Cooler

Phenol resins, epoxy resins, polyamides, polyethylene, silicon resins, polypropylene, pitch, toner, powdered paints, gelatins

Please feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions about these or other materials, or about the cooling process in general.

When making an inquiry, please advise the following specifications

1. Desired cooling capacity
2. State of materials and viscosity at initial feed
3. Feed temperature and melting point of material
4. Removal temperature
5. Desired material thickness
6. Cooling time at above thickness
7. Temperature of coolant water used
8. Specific gravity
9. Presence of toxicity or corrosive characteristics
10. Specific heat and thermal conductivity

Please contact us if you would like a quotation sheet for filling in the above information. If there are any questions regarding any of these specifications, NISCO will conduct a cooling test before preparing your quotation. We can prepare sample of your materials to show the results of cooling tests.



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